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AVAILABLE HERE1. George Chasing Wildfires, Eureka, Nevada  20123. Casey, Cow Boss, 71 Ranch, Deeth, Nevada  20124. Casey and Rowdy Horse Training, 71 Ranch, Deeth, Nevada  20125. Rowdy Moving Cattle between Pastures, 71 Ranch, Deeth, Nevada  20126. Tom and Donnie Cattle Roping, Burson Cattle Company, Silverton, Texas  20127. Tommy Trying to Shoot Coyotes, Big Springs Ranch, Oasis, Nevada  20128. Dakota, Michael, and Jesse, Bronc Riders, Eureka County Fair, Eureka, Nevada  20129. Rodeo Clown, Fremont County Fair, Riverton, Wyoming  201010. Adam Killing a Cow, Mortensen Family Farm, Afton, Wyoming  201011. Stacy before Church, Diamond Valley, Nevada  201212. Driveway, 71 Ranch, Deeth, Nevada  201213. Mikaela and Annie, Baptist Camp Meeting, Clark, Wyoming  201014. Don Flood Irrigating Alfalfa, Diamond Valley, Nevada  201215. Baling Hay, Diamond Valley, Nevada  201216. Loan Office, Happy State Bank, Silverton, Texas  201217. Briscoe County Jail Cell, Silverton, Texas  201218. Jaime, Ranch Hand, Wells, Nevada  201219. Future Site of Long Canyon Gold Mine, Big Springs Ranch, Oasis, Nevada 201220. Thomas and Kimberly Swimming, Jeffrey City, Wyoming  201021. Amanda after a Birthday Party, Jackson, Wyoming  201022. Ela and Bly, Wind River Reservation, Ethete, Wyoming  201023. Bob and Ron, Wind River Reservation, Saint Stephens, Wyoming  201024. Guarding Sheep, Bitter Creek, Wyoming  201025. Soccer Practice, Star Valley Braves, Afton, Wyoming  201026. Jennifer, Montpelier Reservoir, Montpelier, Idaho  201127. Moving Cattle to Spring Pasture, Boulder, Wyoming  201128. Newborn Calf, Siems Ranch, Merna, Wyoming  201329. Ron, Town Historian, Auburn, Wyoming  201030. Herman Getting Water for Cattle, Siems Ranch, Merna, Wyoming  201031. Cow Entrails, Siems Ranch, Merna, Wyoming  201032. Teton National Forest and Road Barrier, Jackson, Wyoming  200933. Jewett Elk Feedground, Merna, Wyoming 201034. Herman and Erin's New House, Siems Ranch, Merna, Wyoming  201135. Dr. Perkes, Afton, Wyoming  201036. House after Propane Gas Leak, Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming  201037. Alex Running Home from School, Afton, Wyoming  200938. Robinson Mine, KGHM International, Ely, Nevada  201239. Produced Water, Hamilton Dome Oil Field, Owl Creek, Wyoming 201340. Coal Storage, TS Power Plant, Newmont Mining Corporation, Dunphy, Nevada 201241. Alice,  Haul Truck Driver, Newmont Mining Corporation, Carlin, Nevada  201242. Surface Mining, Newmont Mining Corporation, Carlin, Nevada  201243. Gold Processing, Newmont Mining Corporation, Carlin, Nevada  201244. Open Pit, Newmont Mining Corporation, Carlin, Nevada  201345. Stanley, Carlin, Nevada  201246. New House, Evanston, Wyoming  201047. Naughton Power Plant, PacifiCorp, Kemmerer, Wyoming  201048. Greg and Zane after Horn Hunting, Farson, Wyoming  201149. Recycling, Eden Saloon, Eden, Wyoming  201150. Eden Saloon, Eden, Wyoming  201051. Charlie, Carlin, Nevada  201252. Brittany, Carlin, Nevada  201253. Track Practice, Kemmerer Rangers, Kemmerer, Wyoming  201054. Hot Air Balloon Wedding Ceremony, Taos, New Mexico  200655. Gas Station Gravel, Eden, Wyoming  200956. Mia and Burgundy, Cokeville, Wyoming  201057. Wind Farm, Nolan, Texas  200658. Pavillion Natural Gas Field, Encana Corporation, Pavillion, Wyoming  201059. Laurel Refinery, CHS Incorporated, Laurel, Montana  201060. Roger Weightlifting, Jonah Natural Gas Field, Boulder, Wyoming  201061. New Mining Road, Carlin, Nevada  2012AVAILABLE HERE