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Photographs taken in Montana, Texas, and Wyoming, among other places, capture ordinary people in an extraordinary manner. An image of two girls near a Gatorade cooler becomes a study in conflicting geometries, thanks to a grid of shadow nearly obscuring them; elsewhere, photos of coal mines, rodeos, and the West’s breathtaking emptiness are equally arresting. The stand-out is “Soccer Practice, Star Valley Braves, Afton, Wyoming,” 2010, in which a cluster of teenage players are arranged with all the drama of the soldiers on the Iwo Jima memorial, vying for a high-altitude ball that is out of the frame. Behind them, the impossibly intense mountain backdrop looks almost implausible, as if Foglia has Photoshopped in the crisp peaks adorning a Coors Light bottle. The entire series is also collected in a just-published monograph from Nazraeli Press.